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What to eat in Manchester Suggested by Elsa Eats

Cant Wait to get Fat over Easter !

老地方大酒樓 Aplus Oriental Restaurant 07525 244913

Dim sum: Home Chinese Manchester 0161 222 9580

Expensive but good quality matcha desserts TSUJIRI Manchester Chinatown 辻利茶舗 0161 236 7349

Siop Shop Cafe with good doughnuts

Wazuzhi Dessert Room 0161 228 7288 Upstairs from the sushi room Go inside and ask to go to the dessert room

Gooey Bakery + Café Another cafe with good doughnuts

KBBQ: One Plus Chinese Restaurant 0161 273 2888

Ban Di Bul 0161 236 9733

Ice cream Lazy Sundae

Dragon Oriental

55 Faulkner St, Manchester M1 4FF

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