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Where to Visit in Northern Ireland? Come and visit North Coast Northern Ireland !

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

I moved from Hong Kong at the age of 9, since then I haven't moved away from Northern Ireland at all, its been almost 30years I've lived in Northern Ireland, the view at 55 Degrees North Restaurant at Portrush is one of my Favourite, its just so relaxing having a glass or 2, the food is also amazing too!

55 Degrees North | Restaurant | Bistro | Cafe

1 Causeway St, Portrush BT56 8AB

Menu: Dont forget to book a table!

The View of Portrush, North Coast Northern Ireland
At 55 Degrees North | Restaurant | Bistro | Cafe Portrush

Driving around Northern Ireland is very safe, If you have a phone with internet then literally you can get to anywhere you want! if we have the time we would go through the scenic route where you drive pass Carrickfergus then Larne, then Glenarm, Carnlough, Cushendall, Ballycastle, Ballintoy then Portrush, check out my Videos on YouTube : Just a Random Mum Travel Blog

for more videos

Fastest way to Portrush instead of scenic route
Route from Belfast To Portrush is around 1hr 12mins

Video of the View driving Around North Coast

I always go for Seafood at the North Coast

or Fish and Chips! Dunno why it never disappoints me!

Most of the restaurants are very child friendly,

In fact I found Northern Ireland's people are extremely friendly, you always get a smile from strangers and sometime, you end up chatting with them for hrs, its just such a pleasure to holidaying here at the North Coast Northern Ireland.

Dont forget to be Beach ready! all year long!

winter can be windy but throughout whole of summer, the weather in Northern Ireland at Portrush is absolutely gorgeous,

The sandy beach is so soft

List of other Food Places At Portrush

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